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Our Drink

All Natural

Superior Taste

Nutrient Rich with 5 Electrolytes

Awesome Hydration

  • Pure Coconut Water is the pure, natural water from young, green and fresh aroma coconuts. 

  • Coconut water to be a better hydrator than plain or bottled water. 

  • It is low in calories and loaded with 5 essential electrolytes (potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium). 

  • The perfect recovery drink and refresher for people with an active lifestyle. 

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Packing/Carton    24 x 300ml. (Glass Bottle)
Net Weight            7.20 kgs.
Gross Weight        13.00 kgs
Measurement        28.00 x 42.20 x 18.50 cm.
Content/20'FCL      1,300 cartons
Container Settings Temp +2 degree / vent 15 degree
Storage Conditions Keep refrigerated at =2 degree
Shelf Life                  60 days form packing date
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